We need to replace the carpet in our office, but aren’t sure how to handle all the cubicles and office furniture. Can you help?
We offer logistics services to help — and will happily move, breakdown or slide cubicles. We have an easy system to simplify the process for you — all you do is pack your personal belongings into provided boxes, and we’ll do the rest.

How can I tell if I need subfloor work?
When you look at the floor, if it looks uneven, or there are dips in the floor, you may need subfloor work. A floor which crunches when you walk on it or feels hollow also may be a sign subfloor work is needed. The best way to tell is to have an experienced professional assess the situation and make a recommendation for repairing the floor with properly graded materials which will withstand repeated traffic.

We have vinyl tile on our floor now, and it’s bubbling and warping. How can I tell if I have a moisture problem and what do I do with that information?
Moisture is a leading cause of failed resilient flooring. Even a new concrete slab can emit mositure. We recommend performing a moisture test, and if you have a moisture issue, we can help to bring the moisture pressure to acceptable levels.

What is a guaranteed estimate?
It means the price you’re quoted is the price you pay, and pricing is guaranteed for 9 months.

We have a trip hazard. Do you do service calls?
We love service calls. No job is too big or too small and we’re happy to help. Many of our best customers started as service calls.